Korean Goods: Where to Buy

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Korean Goods: Where to Buy 1

South Korean exports of goods have increased to the U.S. since 2011.

Despite tensions and trade between the countries has remained stable over many decades. The Korean peninsula was once closed to imports, but during the 1980s, South Korea began competing against American products. It has since become one of the world’s most competitive export markets. Since 2011, South Korean exports of goods to the U.S. have increased significantly, reaching over $20 billion last year.

South Korea’s exports to the Middle East

South Korea’s Middle East exports are expected to increase by three percent in the coming year. The government has pledged to swiftly protect its trade interests and to expand them. This region is responsible for almost 25% of South Korea’s outbound shipping. The recovery process may be slowed by the turmoil in the Middle East. In the meantime, the government is assisting companies that face difficulties shipping to the region.

Its exports to Central and South America

Despite having a small population, South Korea is increasing its exports of goods to the region. The Korean exports of goods to Latin America surpassed its Japanese counterpart by USD 50 billion last year. Although the US trades with Latin America, the country is still far behind China, which surpassed it with flows of more than USD 300 billion. Currently, South Korea leads its Asian rivals, Japan and India, which each have trade with Latin America worth roughly USD 40 billion.

Its exports go to China

The Chinese are increasingly importing South Korean goods to China at an increasing rate. They reached US$108.3 billion in April 2022. Many of these goods were categorized under five categories, including equipment and parts, electrical machinery, and other related items. Other popular goods are plastics and articles made of plastics, nuclear reactors and boilers, and optical, photographic, cinematographic, and measuring, checking, and medical equipment. Chinese imports from South Korea to China rose by almost 40% in April 2022.

Its exports to Middle East

Korea’s exports to the Middle East of goods are expected to rise by approximately three percent this calendar year and by 3.4% in 2020. But, global growth has been impacted by the unrest in Iran, which led to a 0.24 percentage-point decline in its GDP. Although oil prices rose initially after the Iran missile attack, they stabilized within weeks.

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