Exam 2 Key

Exam 2 Key 1

Questions 1 through 15 are worth 3 factors each. Clearly circle the main one best answer to each question. You shall not obtain credit if your answer choice is unclear or ambiguous. Make sure to read each question carefully so you know what it is asking and what each answer means.

1. At which point is the economy in an economic expansion? 2. Of which point is the economy in a tough economy? 5. Which of the following is not directly a component of GDP measured using the factor payments approach? 6. Which of the following statements about the dimension of U.S.

All final goods produced by U.S. Sales of bonds and shares are included in GDP. All final goods produced inside the U.S. GDP steps the volume of total sales in the U.S. None of the above mentioned statements are true. GDP as part of investment. GDP within world wide web exports.

GDP as part of the value of last goods. GDP because they are not produced. 8. Which of the next is not among the techniques used to compute GDP? The factor payments strategy. 9. Which of the following would not be included when using the expenditure approach to calculate GDP? The amount allocated to services and goods such as food and clothing. The total amount businesses devote to things such as machinery.

The amount the government spends on things such as tanks and office paper. The total amount the federal government spends on things such as income assistance programs and unemployment insurance. 200. What must the worthiness of revenue been? 1000. Just how much did the company contribute to GDP? Not altered for the dollar’s changing value.

  • The Expense Ratio as a way of measuring a fund’s performance is defined by a fund’s
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Adjusted for the dollar’s changing value. Found not to be artificial by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Silly Variables. 14. Which of the following is roofed in GDP? The salary of a U.S. 15. Why do policymakers have the purpose of steady prices? Using the expenses approach, which of the next would be counted within U directly.S. In each case, state if the action causes an increase in C, I, G, or NX (i.e., condition whether or not it counts. A fresh personal computer produced by IBM, which remained unsold at the year’s end.

A transaction in which you clean a friend’s apartment in exchange for her fixing your car. Calculate the full total change in a year’s GDP for each of the next situations. Explain your computation very briefly (e.g., which approach you used) for full credit. 10 million worth of glass, steel, and plastic to produce dishwashers. 15 million in interest that it pays on its bonds. 75 million, the value of final sales. 10 million will create an equal amount of factor payments elsewhere in the economy. 15 apiece. Ten thousand CDs are sold overseas, however the rest stay unsold on warehouse cabinets.

Forecasting the Income StatementProjecting Income Statement Line ItemsWe discuss the various ways of projecting income declaration collection items. Projecting income statement line items begins with sales revenue, then cost of goods sold, gross profit, offering general and admin (SG&A), depreciation, amortization, fees, EBITDA, and net gain. Types of Financial AnalysisTypes of Financial AnalysisFinancial evaluation requires using financial data to evaluate a company’s performance and make suggestions about how it can improve in the years ahead.