Forum Code How-To

Forum Code How-To 1

If the picture you wish to display is stored on a third party website such as pbase, which doesn’t allow embedding of photos on other sites, you shall have to create a web link to the relevant page. If you are a paid person in pbase you’ll be able to embed your photos and should go to the section on embedding. The quick and filthy way to connect to an external web page is to simply paste the URL into your message, and make sure the Automatically parse URLs option is ticked. For a better looking link click the Insert Hyperlink icon and type/paste the URL into the first dialog box.

In the second dialog you can get into the text you intend to appear as a web link in your post. In case your photo is within your DPC Portfolio, by yourself website, or on a niche site which allows you to embed images into other sites, then you can post it directly into the forums for individuals to see.

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Clicking on the Insert Image icon will bring up a dialog which allows you to get into the URL to your actual photo (typically a jpeg file). Posting a thumbnail preview to a thread maintains the discussion boards looking tidy and moreover, easy to read. Click the Insert Hyperlink icon and enter the URL to your full measured image, or the page containing the entire sized image, in the first dialog. In the next dialog, instead of getting into text message for your hyperlink you shall need to enter a graphic tag for your thumbnail.

The community forum code works in a similar way as explained in the previous three sections when found in your signature, only you don’t get any helpful icons to do the effort. You have to type the code out yourself. Should any trouble is had by you with any of the above, simply post your attempt at what you want to do to the forums, plus a plea for help. Somebody will come along, see where you’re going wrong, and help you out in next to no right time.

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