Skin Care In The Twenty First Century

Skin Care In The Twenty First Century 1

Through the entire full years we have got so many breakthroughs in technology and technology. Television has become digital, cures for diseases and conditions are being found, and so much more; but in the skin care market it appears that we are going back to essentials. The author discusses this issue of organic cleansers and where they orginated from, as well as placing a spot light on Dermajuv and their skin care product entitled Dermajuv’s Therapeutic Cleanser.

2010: a fresh age and ten years into a fresh millennium, I wager like me, you cant believe how fast it went. Thinking on this subject I developed a thought back again. Through the entire years we’ve had so many breakthroughs in science and technology. Television has become digital, cures for diseases and conditions are being found, and so much more; however in the skin care market it seems that we are going back to fundamentals. What I am talking about is the springtime of organic substances that have come forth.

From natural cleansers to natural shampoos, it looks like we are going for a cue from our ancestors from Egypt all the true way to SOUTH USA. Showing you what I mean, I will take one of the newer natural skin care companies out there and breakdown some of their ingredients showing you where they result from.

  • BODY SCRUB (Exfoliation)
  • Has Chamomile gas that can raise the soothing action of aloe vera many folds
  • Fashion Fair Fast Finish Foundation
  • Smear Food On Skin

The company, Dermajuv, will skin care in a different way. A majority can be used by them of organic ingredients that have been used over the centuries. I am going to take a look at their Therapeutic Cleanser to prove my point. Dermajuvs Therapeutic cleanser uses from tangerine oil to olive leaf extract with some in the centre and each result from a different area and back ground. Shea butter and Aloe Vera- I grouped both of these together because of the fact that they are both from the same area, Northern Africa.

Even though both are extracted from a seed of types (Shea butter is from the shea or karate tree and the aloe herb is the home to aloe vera), they react to the skin in different ways. Shea butter is the best moisturizer. Now Aloe vera is a moisturizer as well, but found in skin care, aloe vera is the calming and soothing component usually. Used for burns on your skin Widely, Aloe Vera has a way of curing your skin also.

Having first been recorded as being used back the 16th century, they have a long history of assisting which is the reason Dermajuv and other companies have used it as an additive in their skin care products. Olive Leaf Extract- Dating to our founders of beauty back, the Egyptian people, Olive Leaf Extract has been used for years and years as a anti septic (a.k.a.

It has been reported that ancient Egyptians used this component in many of their skin care uses as well as medicinal uses. The process of which Olive Leaf Extract kills bacteria is by wearing down the external linings of the microbes departing the potentially harmful bacteria useless. Moreover, Olive Leaf Extract has been used to treat epidermis legions and marks by assisting in the duplication of new pores and skin cells.

Being an additive in Dermajuvs therapeutic cleanser would be a huge plus in my own book. Chamomile Oil- Two places to visit find Chamomile Oil are Rome and Germany. This specifc ingredient, along with olive leaf extract, was found in ancient Egyptian times. The Egyptians uncovered this oil as a anti inflammatory and also saw it possessed some therapeutic powers involving sunlight spots and staining of the face.